Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Letters From A God Filled Soul by Kukata Kali

Letters From a God Filled Soul by Kukata Kali
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ISBN: 9781311278081
Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Focused on serving God, Earth and mankind, these private letters were written to ask for assistance, guidance and understanding from all that is. Convinced the only way to serve is to expose her soul; Kukata Kali has published seven letters with the hopes of inspiring multiple generations of world changers; by showing the world it all starts and ends with one. Who is that one?

This is a very short piece of writing coming in at just nineteen pages. And while it is indeed short, it is a high quality piece. This book consists of letters written by the author to herself, her ego, children, and the world to name a few. These letters get you into a peaceful state of mind that makes self reflection very easy. There is a sense of calm and awareness in the words that soothe and spark thought. This is an enjoyable read that can be read all at once or a letter a day as part of a morning meditation. 

Reviewed by Catherine

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